Arabic Wedding Traditions and Marriage Customs

Arabic Wedding Traditions and Marriage Customs

In Islamic countries, Sharia law has always been strictly honored. However, modern realities allows finding a compromise. Arabic wedding traditions is differ from orthodox Christianity. Muslims honor the family and believe that the well-being and future life of a young couple depends precisely on how Muslim marriage ceremony was conducted. Muslim customs and traditions is very interesting and unusual.

Finding a Couple

In the old days, a man could not choose girl, with which he can get married. This was done by women from his family. The future husband told his mother or sister the requirements for a future wife:

  • her parameters and appearance;
  • basic character traits;
  • the level of education;
  • her family’s position in society.

Arabic bride when meeting her mother-in-law has showed her leg. A plump ankle, decorated with a gold bracelet, means that the girl is a favorite in the family, and her parents are wealthy people. Thin leg significantly reduced the chances for a successful marriage. The Arabian groom’s family at the meeting gives the bride rich gifts. Exactly in a week the girl should give the answer. In case of refusal, all gifts are returned to he groom.


Meeting of match maker sand the engagement is held in the house of the bride. On the reception parents of future spouses sets a date for the wedding, specify the number of guests and location of the ceremony. The parents of the groom take all the waste. Before marriage, the bride and groom should not touch each other. Man can only see the hands and eyes of the girl. This is enough to appreciate her beauty.

The Night Before the Wedding

In Islamic countries, the night before the wedding called “night henna”. According to the old custom, the groom spends this evening with his friends, and the bride in the circle of relatives and her friend sat the home party. On the feet and palms of the girl is applied floral ornaments by henna. Only an exceptionally happy married woman can apply drawings. It’s favours the happy life with future husband. The initials of the groom were woven into the drawing, because before the wedding, he did not see his bride and only by mehendi he will be able to recognize her. Henna is selected of the highest quality. As long as the pattern of henna stays on her hands, the bride is freed from all domestic duties. The groom’s mother presents her future daughter-in-law with an expensive carpet. The wedding dress of a girl must be rich and beautiful. Often it is inherited. The bridesmaids sing sad songs and shower it with coins.

Ceremony of Nikah

Muslim bride and groom do not register their union in the marriage venues. They pass the ceremony in the face of Allah. This procedure is called nikah. This is an Islamic wedding, which takes place a few days before the official entering into the matrimony. Muslim witnesses should attend the Arab wedding ceremony, wherein there shouldn’t be parents by etiquette. The bride and groom is giving each other a vow of eternal love. At this time, the groom pays a bribe for the bride – a ransom, giving her a large amount of money, real estate, car or jewelry. Even in case of divorce, a gift stays with the girl.

Muslim culture marriage is done in the mosque, while the mullah reads the surahs of the Koran about family life. After that, the bride and groom can give each other their Arabic style wedding rings. Jewelry should be silver, not gold. Wherein, for the rules, the bride’s Arabic wedding ring is put on a bride by the married relative of the groom, and father of bride puts a ring on a finger of a groom.

During the ceremony, the bride can be dressed in a bright dress. White color on Muslim weddings is not welcome. The outfit should cover the arms, legs and chest. In addition, bride puts on the head a multi-layer veil – hijab, and covers her face by it. Most often, there are red, orange and green wedding dresses.

Meal and Gifts

A banquet in honor of the conclusion of a Muslim marriage should reflect the hospitality of a young couple. This is a lavish event with lots of varied dishes and fun program. Invited people receive an elegant wedding card for Muslim marriage, with an invitations in Arabic. Traditionally, there are two Muslim wedding halls – male and female. At the wedding table, it is forbidden to eat pork and drink alcohol. However, on the table there are always plenty of lamb, poultry, and lots of sweets, fresh vegetables and fruits. The banquet is accompanied by dances, songs and funny entertainment.

At a feast, you can invite guests with different religion, but in the mosque they should not be present. During the celebration, newlyweds can enter into a marriage contract. It states that the husband on certain anniversaries must present his wife with expensive gifts, fully provide her and their children, indicates the property and compensation that he pays to his wife in case of divorce. Less and less often Muslim men can afford to bring several wives into the house, but the Koran does not prohibit this.

It is not accepted for Muslims to donate household appliances or souvenirs to a wedding. Muslim wedding gifts should be rich and elegant. Every guest presents the newlyweds with jewelry, cuts of expensive fabrics, handmade carpets etc.

The beauty and splendor of the traditional Muslim wedding ceremony amazes Europeans. Wherein the Arab wedding is always noisy and fun. The banquet lasts only one day, after which the newlyweds are retiring. On the wedding night, intimate relationships are not necessary, but are encouraged by the Koran.