African Wedding Ceremony

African Wedding Ceremony

Africa – one of the most exotic corners of the Earth. It is a continent with a lot of different cultures and religions. Therefore, this is reflected in the wedding traditions. The northern part of the continent is the territory of Muslims. South Africa is a mix of Judaic, Christian and ancient African culture. For a wedding in Africa, people prepare almost from the very childhood, observe all traditions and customs.

Basic Rituals

The traditional African engagement is made by parents in early childhood. At different tribes, the age of marriage is different. The groom must necessarily pay the bride a ransom. It can be money, vegetables and fruits, oil and milk. But most often the groom brings livestock – cows, goats, mules. The bride does not leave the house until she has desired number of animals. If she does not like the ransom, she may refuse marriage.

In wives, men necessarily take a girl from a hostile tribe. Both tribes receive invitations and meet at the ceremony. They must express one another’s discontent, utter a lot of insults and curses. Only after this begins a wedding party with a lot of wild dances.

During the marriage, several glasses of wine are shed on the ground and the bull or cow is sacrificed. It is a symbol of receiving blessings from deceased ancestors. After that, the bride eats honey, hot pepper and boiled fish. This guarantees a sweet marriage life and good fertility. Then the newlyweds receive gifts from guests and exchange rings.

The first wedding night is unusual for Europeans. The newlyweds invite all their peers into their home and then indulge in carnal pleasures right in front of them. It is believed that this will help overcome fear and uncertainty before the first intimacy. In some tribes the right of the first night goes to the leaders, the father of the groom or the oldest african in society.

The Strangest Marriage Customs in Africa

Some modern bridal rituals and ceremonies of Africa may seem very strange. A few months before the wedding, the girls pierce the lower lip and insert a clay ring into it. Also, the bride has two lower teeth removed. Before the wedding night, the bride learns the art of love from a married relative. This woman can spend the first night under the newlyweds’ bed. The groom after the wedding wears only women’s and jewelry. It is a symbol of the husband’s caring attitude towards his wife and her household duties.

According to etiquette, the groom gets his blessing before the wedding, and the bride only after the first night. The father spits on the forehead and breast of his daughter, this is a kind of wish for happiness and prosperity. The first four days the newlyweds do not show up in public and eat only edible gifts from the guests.

Features of traditional clothes

Close attention is paid to the wedding attires of the bride and groom. A few days before the marriage, the bride goes through a purification and preparation ceremony. She is soared in a bathhouse, where bridesmaids beat her with brooms. Then her body is rubbed with coconut oil and all the hair from it is removed. On the hands and feet, drawings of henna are applied. They are not washed away a year after the conclusion of a traditional marriage. It is believed that the patterns of henna will help protect a young wife from evil spirits.

Then the bride puts on a gown and a special headdress. It is made from goat skins. It is rubbed with resin, goat fat and red henna until it turns brown. Headgear styles can vary in different countries in Africa.

Wedding dresses of African brides look very interesting. In many countries the girl marries in family attire. That is, she gets a dress from the african mother of the bride on her wedding day. Most often it is a light cloth cap with a geometric print. Sometimes the breasts remain nude, but the wedding veil is attached to the headdress. African wear styles for wedding vary depending on the region. Over the dresses, the bride puts on wedding decorations. This is a huge multi-colored necklace, numerous bracelets and heavy long earrings.

African traditional attire for couples are very different. African wear for engagement in the celebration depends on the decor of the wedding. Famous are the purple and gold african weddings. That is, the bride and all her relatives wear gold outfits, and the groom and his family are purple. What to wear to an African wedding? You need to know in advance about it style. The bride and her friends wear absolutely identical african wedding dresses for guests. The groom must find a bride among all the girls, and there are mane guests at the wedding – more than 500 people.

The suits of the groom almost always completely expose the upper part of the body, but completely cover the legs. Men’s apparel is also decorated with bright prints, and wedding dresses for men from the groom should be the same for everyone. Different colors in the male and female outfits of are a symbol of the union between different families, tribes and clans.

The mother of the bride prepares a contemporary african outfit. Girls are increasingly choosing a traditional white wedding dress, and the groom’s costume is an ordinary tuxedo or dress coat. Clothes for couples can be the same color. Separately, rich families choose african wedding dresses for maids, with necessarily use of dark monophonic fabrics.

The features of marriage of African tribes seem strange and even wild. However, they are distinguished by the observance of ancient traditions and stunning luxury. All members of the tribes of the bride and groom are present at the ceremony. They give rich gifts and sprinkle the newlyweds with gold coins and sweets.