4 Main Stages of American Wedding Traditions

4 Main Stages of American Wedding Traditions

The real American culture does not exist, because Americans are emigrants. However, the American wedding rituals are distinguished by their individuality. The wedding is held in two stages – betrothal and marriage ceremony. It takes almost a year between betrothal and a matrimony. Nevertheless, previous to the marriage, boy and girl should undergo an examination with doctors, recompense all taxes and prove a sufficient financial position that will allow them to raise their children.

1. Engagement and preparation

The old marriage traditions practically did not change for nowadays. The bridegroom makes an offer to his girlfriend. He buys a special set with rings – engagement and wedding ring for the future wife and only wedding ring for the groom. Groom hides a ring in a kuchen or cookies and makes an offer in a restaurant.

Bride is telling about engagement to all members of family and familiars in her home. Who pays for the wedding in America? The relatives of bride pays almost all expenses. Her relatives are giving payment for a rent of a premise, for a banquet, even for gifts to the future husband, his companions and relatives, dresses for the bride and bridesmaids. The relatives of bridegroom pays for clothes that they will wear, for rings and decor of the room with flowers, for gifts to the visitors of marriage and for priest.

Earlier to the civil ceremony, the bride and groom, according to custom, spend a hen party and a stag party. At the holidays, there are close friends, and the parties themselves are called “shower”. The bridal shower gifts should be erotic – underwear, toys for sex. Gifts are poured on a boy and a girl like water from a shower.

2. Wedding ceremony

The next day, one of the most important types of wedding ceremonies is held – civil. The groom and bride in ordinary attire go to the wedding bureau and receive a certificate of registration of their marriage, then, when ten days have passed, they hold a religious ceremony. To do this, they rent a large house with a garden, decorating it with flowers. The wedding planner organizes registration, he sends guests a wedding invitations.

The newlyweds receive an American wedding blessing from the bride’s parents. Traditionally, the ceremony is celebrated with many guests. Often in the USA, newlyweds belong to different religions. Therefore, the priest can choose a book for the wedding sermon. Common wedding vows could be replaced with vows, which are created independently by the groom and bride. The new couple are wearing rings on the left hand’s fingers.

3. Attires of the groom and bride

Friends in the same blue or pink dresses accompany the bride. One of the girls must wait near the altar. A little girl goes to the altar in front of the bride and throws petals from bridal bouquets on the floor. The boy carries a small pillow with rings. The groom with his best friend also stands near the altar, while his other friends accompany the girls. The wedding attire for groom is a dark, strict suit. The bride has several wedding dresses – she puts on a beautiful light one for the ceremony. It must be unique, so they order the dress from the tailor. She changes her wedding dress to a modest one after the ceremony.

The wedding necklace should be a family heirloom. A grandmother or aunt of the bride should buy a traditional wedding veil. The bride puts on the blue traditional wedding garter on her right foot. The groom takes her off at the end of the celebration and throws to his unmarried friends. The bride throws a wedding bouquet to her friends. According to American wedding superstitions and customs, the mother of the bride fastens the thread to the knot at the waist of the girl as a symbol of a strong marriage.

4. Gifts and banquet

The wedding reception meaning is in a banquet and giving presents to the newlyweds. The banquet often takes place outdoors. Guests sit down at round tables according to personal cards. The bride and groom open the party with a dance.

According to the wedding rules, congratulatory toasts are pronounced first by the parents of both sides, then by relatives and friends. The lavishness of the wedding ceremony at home depends on the financial situation of both families. Although mostly the newlyweds rent a restaurant, decorate it with wedding flowers – roses, lilies, hydrangeas. All elements of a wedding ceremony should be decorated in the same style.

The wedding bridal customs vase story is interesting. The bride made her own vase with her hands and put fresh flowers into it. The vase adorned the table on which stood the wedding cake. It was necessary to draw pigeons on the vase and put inside a coin, as a symbol of peace in the family and material wealth. The bride’s first piece of wedding cake should smear the face of the groom.

At the end of the celebration, guests give gifts. For the bride, traditional wedding gifts are money and jewelry. The bride wears on her hand a small white handbag, where she puts the money. A traditional groom to bride gift is a necklace or bracelet. Immediately after the banquet and a modern wedding ceremony, the newlyweds leave for a honeymoon or a hotel, where they should spend their wedding night. Guests in a joke form should prevent them from leaving.

American wedding rituals and marriage customs differ from European ones. However, many European countries have already adopted American traditions and carefully observe them at their wedding ceremonies. The richness and plenty of fresh flowers distinguish the symbolic wedding ceremony. The history of wedding practice shows that the Native American themed wedding usually pays off.