6 Things Chinese Wedding Traditions

6 Things Chinese Wedding Traditions

Chinese wedding is characterized rich color and traditions. Days of acquaintance, engagements and sacred rituals of this culture are completely different. In China, the bride and groom unite not only on earth, but also in heaven. All textiles at the wedding are bright scarlet and the outfits are richly decorated. White color in the country is considered memorial. The wedding itself is accompanied by magical rituals, fortune-telling and horoscopes. Marriage most often consists solely of calculation. The feelings of the bride and groom are not taken into account. All questions are decided by parents.

1. Matchmaking and betrothal

The first step to matrimony is matchmaking. The communication starts through correspondence, and then a personal meeting takes place. With this, horoscopes of the bride and groom are compared for compatibility. On the basis of this, a suitable date is chosen for the engagement of the marriage. The parents of the bride take the final decision before the ceremony. Parents can betroth to non-adult children. Therefore, almost impossible to get married for love.

2. Preparing for the celebration

Before the wedding a ransom of the bride takes place. Parents of the groom give her food, money, a ring and special sorts of tea. In China, the symbol of the female principle is the phoenix, the male one is the dragon. It is these types of tea presented as a gift to the bride. Parents of the girl as a consent present a groom a pot or box of candy and gold coins. If the bride does not take courtship, then the gifts returns to the groom.

As an invitation, the groom gives each guest a unique small cake. A few days before the wedding, the bride must move to the center of her house – attic. All these days girl spends with friends, receives gifts from them and sings songs about parting with her parents.
On the eve of the ceremony, the bride goes through a series of procedures to process the body and soul. She takes a bath with herbal decoctions and grapefruit nectar. The girl removes all the hair from her face (eyelashes, eyebrows) as a symbol of complete purification. Her large girlfriend on the night before the wedding should bring the bride off the attic on her back. Her friend, who has many children, on the night before the wedding should pull her down from the attic on her back. She also makes a haircut and puts on a headdress in the form of a phoenix on the bride. Then the bride puts on a dress and thanks her parents, portraits of her ancestors, asks for their blessing.

3. Clothes of the bride and groom

In China, special attention is paid to the groom’s attire and the bride’s dress. The bridal traditional gown is made of scarlet silk, satin, chiffon. It is embroidered with pearls, rhinestones, beads. A typical Chinese gown is necessarily decorated with a dragon and phoenix. After the wedding, the outfit is kept as a family heirloom. The head is decorated with a headdress in the form of a phoenix or a red crown with feathers, beads and rhinestones. The groom does not see the bride’s face until the first wedding night. At the celebration, the girl’s face is hidden by a red cloth. The bride from a wealthy family changes attire three times during an event. The first dress – red, the second – pink, the third – orange. Dresses of mother and bridesmaids must be red too.

The groom puts on a traditional men’s suit with pockets – Hanfu. Men’s outfit is also made of red fabric, decorated with rich embroidery and dragon drawings. Dress for groom completely hides his legs and hands. The bride can only see his face. At the celebration, the newlyweds tie each other with red ribbons. It is a symbol of creating a new family.

4. Moving of the bride

A big part of the wedding is the move of the bride to the groom’s house. The girl sits down in the bridal palanquin, which is carried from her house to the dwelling of the groom. On the road, she is being showered with coins, berries and sweets. The girl should look only forward, do not show her face and do not look up. Claps and salutes during this drove away the dark power and evil spirits.
The groom’s parents poured an expensive luxurious carpet on the threshold of their house. This is a sign that they are waiting for the bride and already consider her a member of their family. The girl has to keep the small mirror in her hand all the way. It should be with her until the start of wedding night. It is a symbol of pure beauty and innocence.

5. Banquet at the Chinese wedding

The bride and groom by custom married near the altar, giving each other vows. They pray to the gods and ask for their blessings. Then they thank their parents and their oldest relatives for their lives. Friends of the groom at the reception give each guest a special jewelry and gifts for parents. Men fasten it on clothes, and women decorate hair. The name of this decoration is “double happiness”. The newlyweds drink one cup of wine for two. After this, a feast begins. At the wedding, there is no toastmasters, competitions and loud fun. Guests sit at small tables, communicate and eat freely. The banquet includes a large number of dishes. Necessarily on the tables the presence of fish and seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits, confectionery. The bride and groom give their guests small baskets with cakes and tea for marriage. All invited relatives and friends receive small party favors – slippers, combs. Etc.

Gifts for Chinese couple are unoriginal, so you do not need to show unconventional ideas. Guests are giving money in red envelopes for newlyweds. Today, as gifts, bankcards and jewelry made of gold appears. The bride and groom entertain guests themselves by dancing folk dances, showing outfits and dresses. Also there are fortune-telling on cards and magic rituals, prayers readings.

6. The wedding night

For the first wedding night, the groom must buy a new best bed in the room. A relative of the groom, which has many children, is preparing a bed. The bed is decorated with red sheets and pillows. Children were the first to fall on the bed. They attracted the higher forces of fertility and a strong family hearth. Before the night on the bed lay out decorations, flowers and lotus seeds, fruits, sweets.
Modern Chinese weddings are similar to European ones. Many ancient customs are no longer observed, replacing them with new, more familiar ones.