French Engagement Traditions

French Engagement Traditions

French engagement customs is different from the celebrations in the other countries. The French people decorate the wedding in their own unique style, with respect to the ancient customs and traditions. It all starts with an engagement. During the Middle Ages, all relatives and friends were invited to the engagement, today they limit themselves to the fact that the groom gives the bride a ring in the presence of his and her parents. A wedding ring is often a family heirloom. Preparation for the wedding takes about a year.

Choosing a Place to Celebrate

The French devotes a lot of time choosing the place, suitable for the celebration. They prefer quiet, cozy villages or small towns instead of noisy cities. The main advantage of holding a wedding in a small village is availability of free places in local cafes and restaurants. Although, the number of weddings in the capital is not decreasing.

Pre-wedding Parties

Stag parties and hen parties in France are original and creative. This is not a simple party with a lot of alcohol and noisy companies. Friends of the bride and groom dress them in comic outfits, paint their hands and faces. In this form, future spouses are taken out for a walk in noisy streets and are forced to do something funny: pester to passers-by, try to catch street animals. All this is captured in photo.

Wedding Preparations

Wedding preparation takes several stages:

  • Selection of dresses for newlyweds;
  • Invitation of guests and drawing up of a gift sheet;
  • The celebration itself.

In France, the bride cannot buy herself a dress in the salon, she has to choose the model she liked in the catalog and order an attire from the tailor. The groom buys a suit on his own, supplementing him with a tie, cuff links. Groom gives to the bride shoes, as a symbol of the unity of their couple. In her outfit must necessarily be a thing borrowed from a married relative and something from family relics, for example a brooch, earrings, or a comb. The head of the bride is decorated with a wreath of artificial flowers.

On French weddings, it is not accepted to present surprises. The bride and groom beforehand write a list of desired gifts and order them in large shopping centers. Guests receive this list with addresses of stores. It is enough for them to pay a gift and present it before or after the celebration. On the celebration itself, newlyweds are not given gifts.

Invitations for guests are different. The holiday is divided into several stages: the first is the official part, to which all guests are invited; the second is a cocktail, where gets only a part of the guests. During the cocktail, the guests discuss the issues raised and eat light snacks. Only close relatives and friends remain for dinner. They sit at round tables, where each place is marked with a name card. At midnight, the newlyweds open the festive ball with the first waltz. In an hour, the parents and relatives of old age leave the celebration, and the youth remains until the morning. In the morning, the bride and groom go to the hotel to spend their wedding night. Then they visit the parents of the bride, and only then, they go to the groom’s house. After the visits, the newly married couple immediately go on a honeymoon.

The French wedding is original and exquisite. French engagement traditions will not seem so difficult if you will try to figure it out yourself.

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